Laboratory Services

Laboratory services 1As paralleled in numerous places throughout this website, the electrical distribution system (EDS) is incredibly similar to the design, creation, and maintenance of the human body. The testing and maintenance portion of our services assures we know the performance indicators of any given “organ” within the electrical body, and how to insure the longevity of that particular asset. Not to be overshadowed, our Laboratory services the “lifeblood,” or insulating material, and must be given its due diligence as well.

Laboratory services 2One of the key aspects of a healthy and robust EDS is adequate insulation. Components such as overcurrent protective devices (circuit breakers), power transformers, tap changers, and even metering equipment are heavily dependent on how well the insulating liquid insulates electrical current from conductive material in and around the component in question. Some of the common insulating liquids/gases include: mineral oil, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), silicon, and R-temp. Like any liquid/gas on the planet, atmospheric conditions and operational influences can mutate the composition of a liquid and/or gas. Add electrical current into the mix, and you have yourself a whole host of contributors toward degradation! Additionally, the goal of the insulating material is to aid in the minimization and duration of an arc that may occur during a fault.

Laboratory Services with Applied Power SystemsSince these insulating materials are subject to degradation, APS seeks to determine the rate of the degradation as well as the contributing factors.  Furthering the dissection process, APS will weigh the results against the latest standards established by ANSI, NETA, & IEEE so that you have the data needed to make strong decisions about your equipment. The reports you will receive will always be user-friendly, clearly defining the standards, the findings, and the recommendations moving forward.

As far as execution, this service can be done either while the equipment in question is energized, provided that a series of safety and design considerations are met. After a site assessment is performed by APS personnel, we will have a better understanding of the preceding.  Most often the service is done while the component in question is offline.  Feel free to contact APS personnel and learn more about how our lab services can support your operation.