APS Field Services

APS Field Services: Not Just “Checking Boxes,” But Building Them Instead

At APS, we have seen our industry transform as quickly as it was birthed in the days of Tesla.  As Tesla was a pioneer and a fervent researcher of his discipline, APS hopes to mimic Tesla’s spirit toward innovation and committment in our industry.  In order to achieve this, it is our duty to understand the evolution and the contributors of any givn project.  There are three distinct phases of any given project before it can be fully turned over to the customer: Conceptualization, Implementation, and Verification.  An electrical engineer must determine the most efficient, cost-effective, and maintenance-friendly electrical design that compliments and strengthens the operation of the client.  The electrical contractor must then translate and implement the vision provided by the engineer, and assure the timely execution of the project coincides with the client’s requirements.  Prior to that hand-off, it is the industry standard, as in many of the trades, to have an independent 3rd party acceptance test to verify that the culmination or theory, design, and assembly within the given electrical distribution system (EDS) meets the standards established by regulating bodies.

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Applied Power Systems provides these 3rd party services, both acceptance and maintenance testing, based on manufacturer, project, NETA, NICET, & NERC specifications.  These standards set the framework by which APS operates within.  The electrical industry operates in an oscillating motion, by which a series of entities are constantly verifying the accuracy and effectiveness of those within the circle.  Due to the robust human and material assets that rely on these electrical infrastructures, it is essential that independent testing companies, like APS, exist apart from the divisions under the roof of an electrical contractor.  Accountability, reliability, and sustainability are the pillars by which our foundation is built.  Our allegiance is fixed upon these tenets by delivering preemptive services such as:

  • Low/Medium/High Voltage Acceptance & Maintenance Testing
  • Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Switchgear, SF6 Breakers, CT/CPT/PT/VT, Auto Transfer Switches, Ground/Ground Fault System Testing
  • Feeder Cables (Insulation resistance, VLF, Hi-pot) Testing, Fault Locating Services
  • Transformer Oil & Dissolved Gas Analysis, Retro-filling, Degasification, & Filtration Services
  • Protective Relays Testing, Calibration, and Coordination
  • Energized Services:  Infrared Thermography / Ultrasonic Detection / Vibration Analysis Amp, Voltage, Harmonic Diagnostics
  • Load Bank / UPS Start-up & Testing
  • Troubleshooting and System Reconciliation Services
  • Circuit Breaker Rebuilds/Retrofits
  • Commissioning Services for Power Generation Projects, such as Nuclear, Solar, & Wind.

600V Cable Insulation TestingOnce a system has been commissioned and is full operation, APS offers ongoing electrical maintenance testing programs to insure your investment is well protected and documented.  A well maintained EDS is not only performing the prescribed services, but also properly documenting the findings so that the torch can be passed from each working generation to come.  That is one of the reoccurring frustrations we heard from customers before coming on board with APS.  With that being said, we continually invest in partnerships with software developers so that you can have quality, easy-to-understand reporting, with analysis, for growing and protecting your EDS.  We look forward to serving you through our Field Services Division.