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The Infallible Choice: Applied Power Systems

About Us_Power gen_2Today’s utility, information technology, industrial, manufacturing, and medical environments are filled with an ever growing tapestry of electrical infrastructure boasting paramount sensitivity and reliability levels. This network makes up the arteries and organs that keep communication of the world’s most critical operations intact. System failure is simply not an option.

About_Us_Nuke_3Each industry has its own set of variables that dictate performance metrics, while accountability mechanisms are in place to insure performance goals are achieved in the safest most expeditious manner. However, the common thread between every single industry is that the end-user positively benefits from the specific product or service being produced. Applied Power Systems models itself around the same core principles. APS seeks to mitigate electrical liabilities before they multiply, while strengthening the customer’s operation in concert with their production/delivery goals.

About Us_2_Data CenterFrom relationships to electrical distribution systems, anything left unchecked and unmaintained is destined to fail before its time. Preemption, through education and meaningful vigilance, will undoubtedly set the pursuer up for success. At APS, we find that the preceding can only be achieved once we meet in person, shake hands, and converse about past, present, and future considerations of your electrical infrastructure. Benchmarks must first be established in order to know the proper frequency, as well as service depth, that should occur for a specific piece of equipment. At the conclusion of our in-person meeting, APS will perform a site assessment to determine the relevance and applicability of services, while insuring that your facility aligns with the latest compliance and engineering standards (i.e. NETA, NFPA 70e, ANSI, IEEE). APS wants to assist in breaking down the “checkbox” mentality that has plagued many electrical maintenance programs and bring in a new era of Total System Assurance and Reliability.

We look forward to serving your organization.